Center for General Education (GE) was established in Feb.2, 1994.
It is mainly in charge of plan and advance of the general education
of THU to reach the goal of the holistic education. Our duties include
consultation and promotion of GE concepts, plan, deliberation and
evaluation of GE courses, plan of the cooperation of GE among
universities and other related GE businesses.
Further descriptions are as follows:

According to the 108th Academic Meeting, it decided that beside the core courses such as Chinese, Foreign Languages, Information education, History and Civics, all students are required to take 11 credits within five major fields: Humanities, Natural Science, Social Sciences, Life Sciences and Management; and these 11 credits must cover at least three different fields out of the above five.
General education and Professional education are compatible.
The design and plan of General education are to follow in proper sequence and make gradual progress.
All the faculties and students are to put General education courses in practice as Goals of education.
Acknowledge the entire university that the General Education would be the characteristics and inheritance of THU tradition.
Training students with enough abilities to organize and systematically and literally expressing their own thoughts, ideas, opinion; and facilitate their ability to appreciate literature.
By means of English(foreign)language learning, to cultivate students understand the values of multi-culture and emphasizing the capability of reading, writing and listening.
Help students learn how to collect, analyses, integrates and deals with information in the modern era, and prepare using these learned abilities as basic skills to learn and absorb new things constantly through their life time.
Teaches students how to appreciate our culture, familiarity with the dynamics of culture, both past and present, is essential to students’ successful navigation of today’s world. It helps students building up a proper view of life and modernization.
To cultivate students’ general capacity and disposition as a result of long and regular self-discipline toward human rights and rule of law, prepare them for civic engagement in democratic society.
Prepares students be able to respond critically and constructively to think, to analyze, to create and to integrate through providing multi-cross fields of knowledge.