Registrar Office Q&A
Q1: What are the hours of Registrar Office?
A: Monday –Friday, 8am—12am, 1:30pm—5:pm
 Monday –Thursay,8am—12am, 1:30pm—4:pm (Summer/ Winter Vacation)
Q2: How can I apply for a reissue of student ID?
A: 1. Please go to Registrar Office and fill out application form.
  2. Card fee charge NT$150
Q3: When can a student apply suspension of studies? How many semesters can a student suspend at one time?
A: 1 To suspend from studies, the procedure should be completed before final exam week scheduled on the school calendar. Money for refund will be based on the date of suspension/ dropout. 
2. Please submit an application form with proved permission from parents or guardian to apply for suspension of studies. The length of suspension should be one semester at least, and no more than 4 semesters (2 academic years).
Q4: How to apply student’s Attendance Certificate?
A: The copy of Student ID is a. To apply for “stamped” Attendance Certificate, go to Registrar Office, or use the automatic printing machine placed by the Admission Office. Insert coins and student can print out Chinese and English Attendance Certificate.   Before printing, student should sign in to his/her THU account and key in his/her English name first. 
Q5: If students take 9 course credits or less a semester; will they be forced to withdraw from school?
A: Under the Article 31 of THU Academic Regulation, students who take courses for nine credits (or less) a semester, students of Extension program (Bachelor degree), students with disability cards or being identified as a Physically and Mentally challenged by municipal or county (city) government, shall not be made to withdraw from School.
Q6: When can students apply for transfer of major? What are the conditions?
A: Time for application: please refer to the school calendar.
Requirements for transfer of major: please refer to the announcements board of Registrar Office website. (Transfer-Major application form included)
 Application Procedures:
1. Fill out the application form and summit required documents to Registrar Office.
2. Send documents to the department you are transferring to to be examined.
3. Wait for the announcement of results.
Q7: I am a transfer student. How to I waive credits that I’ve taken in previous school?
A: Please submit all the transcripts from previous school to Registrar Office during registration. Registrar Office will send the application form that notes all the waived credits to the assistant in your department. Then assistant from your department will pass it to you. Please make sure there is no mistake and confusion. Afterwards, please send this application form back to Registrar Office.   This credit-waiving procedure also applies to repeaters.   Please submit all the transcripts from the school you previously attended or graduated to the Registrar Office before registration.
Q8: What is the standard for verifying Honor Student?
A: Please refer to Article 34 of THU Academic Regulation.
Q9: When can graduate students apply for Degree Examination? Can graduate students apply for an early Degree Examination if they have earned all the credits required for Master Degree in that semester?
A: After studying for a full academic year, completing required courses and credits and finish writing first draft of thesis, graduate students can apply for Degree Examination before application deadline on the school calendar. In the case that graduate students have finished all the required courses and credits and submitted a completed dissertation, they are allowed to move up Degree Examination under the approval of thesis advisor and director of the department. After taking Degree Examination, if students still cannot finish all the required courses and earn all the required credits, they are allowed to keep their Degree Examination score for a year.
Q10: What is the procedure for graduate students to apply for Degree Examination?
1.      Degree Examination for graduate students is held annually. The application date and exam date should be based on school calendar. If it is to be moved up or postponed, it needs agreement from the chair of department, and it should take place before the end of the semester.
2.      To apply for Degree Examination, graduate students should submit an application form along with transcripts of all the semesters, a copy of first draft of dissertation and abstract, and consent form from thesis advisor and chair of department.
3.      If graduate students who have applied Degree Examination cannot take the exam during that semester, they should inform their department to withdraw the application of Degree Examination.
Q11: Do I need to register in person?
A: All the new students should register in person. Other students should bring their student ID to be stamped and can ask classmates to register for them or finish registration procedure with the whole class within the first week of a new semester.
Q12: Why can’t I receive my transcript?
A: Students should double check their correspondence address on the student information system. If there is change of correspondence address, students should inform Registrar Office. If the correspondence address on student information system is correct, please bring student ID in person, or send a copy of student ID by mail (with a self-addressed stamped envelope) to Registrar Office and ask for a reissue of transcript. 
Curriculum Office Q&A
Q1: When can students select courses online?
A: Please go to the website of Curriculum Office for online course-selection announcements. The system is open most of the time during online course selection period, except from 00:00~02:00 am for system maintenance.
Q2: What are the course selection procedures?
A:Students can select course online or manually add the course. There are three steps for online course selection, pre-selection, online course adding (1), online course adding (2). Only until the end of online course selection can students go to course opening departments to add courses manually.   Students can also drop courses through the online course selection system or department that offers the course. Online course adding and dropping time is the same. In some special situations, to drop a course requires students to fill out online course withdrawal form within the first 3-6 weeks of a new semester. This course drop should be authorized by instructor and department chair and returned to Curriculum Office for process.
Q3: How do students add courses of other departments online?
A: During online course adding period 2, students can add “General Other-Department Courses” through online course selection system. If students fail to select the course after random allocation of the system, students can add the course manually, meaning to go to the department that offers the course.
Q4: Can online-course selection system detect class overlap?
A: Yes. The system will automatically check if there is time conflict on student’s class schedule. Students cannot select courses in overlapping time.
Q5: How do students acquire the date and location of Midterm/ Final Examinations?
A: Students can go to Student Information System for exam schedule and location.
Q6: When can student look up exam information online?
A: About two weeks before Midterm and Final examinations, school computer system will send emails to notify students of their exam schedule. Or students can go to Student Information System for exam schedule and location.
Q7: What should be done if there is time conflict with exams?
A: School computer system will send email to notify students of overlapping exams.   In this case, students need to go to Curriculum Office to rearrange exam schedule.
Q8: If for special reasons students cannot attend exams, how should they take a leave?
A: If serious illness and emergencies happen during exam week, students should fill out “leave request form” in Student Counseling Office and then send it to instructor and department chair for signature and approval.   In case of special situation, department chair can approve the leave and then send the leave request form back to Student Counseling Office.   For midterm exam, instructor should arrange makeup exam. As for Final exam, Office of Academic Affairs will hold a uniform makeup exam.
Q9: Can undergraduate students attend Graduation Exam?
A: According to the regulation of Ministry of Education, instructor should give full 18-week teaching.  Hence, only the courses for graduation students can take place during graduation examination week.   The final exams of other courses will take place during exam week.   Students who are of graduation year can attend either graduation exam or semester exam. For courses that are open to mixed-year students, they have to attend semester exam.