Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) was founded in 2004.
The objective is to integrate all the teaching and learning resources
within the campus in order to advance the teaching quality and
the learning outcome. And it also plays multiple roles
according to students’ needs at THU.
Further descriptions are as follows:

The center organizes many workshops in different fields to improve the students’ learning skills. For those who have learning difficulties, the center provides students with a learning tutoring section to facilitate their learning process and improve their learning outcomes.
The center provides faculties with the best teaching resources and support. It introduces related information of teaching methodology in various disciplines and offers faculties opportunities to share teaching experiences and to communicate with the students.
The evolution of teaching methodology and learning strategies is an ongoing process. To promote the learning outcome, researchers and scholars have investigated the extant teaching methodology and further advocate revolutionary methods and principles. Following this trend, the center provides the most innovative theories and research findings at faculties' disposal which can help their professional development and enhance the quality of teaching.
The center works as a coordinator to synthesize all kinds of teaching resources and provide related professional assistance. In doing so, the teaching qualities and the learning outcome can achieve their maximum capacity.