Curriculum Office

Curriculum Office is in charge of curriculum administration, course arrangement, printing of mid-term and final exams and supervising the Curriculum Committee, etc.
Further service items are as follows:
Curriculum Committee
Committee for General Education
Build-up and Adjustment of Departments/Graduate Schools
Course Outline Syllabus, Teaching Survey and Teaching Evaluation Committee

Full-time / Part-time Instructors Teaching Hours Process
Document for Over or Less Teaching Hours Process
Teaching Hours Process(over 70 people selected the course)

Control and Manage Course Credit
Course Administration and Amendment
Add / Drop /Pre. the Course
Print and Edit the Brochure of Selected Course Description
Foreign Student Subsidiary Course
Summer Course

Double Major Application
Minor Application
Credit Program Application

Mid-terms / Finals / Graduation / Make-up Exam

All classrooms Open / Close on Campus
Repair Notice of Classroom Equipment
Borrow Classroom for the Weekend

Summer Courses
Preparation for English/ Calculus before Summer Course
Summer University